Home Prices Over Longer Time Periods!

The official start day of the crisis, was February 8th, 2007, according to Jim Bianco at Bianco Research...
so happy 6th anniversary!

We can see the largest decline in home prices was 33.5% in the current crash,
with the 1925 drop only 30% in prior home values.

Of course, you can see what happened after the end in 1933!
It took about 8 years to get our footing again,
putting our full raging recovery around 2015 if history repeats.


Never Refinance Again! 

The Automatic Rate Cut (ARC) Loan
is the last loan you will ever need.
It adjusts down, as rate goes down,
and won't go back up!

ARC Loan

  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Rates adjust down with market rates
  • Rates do not go up
  • Home Affordable Refinance
  • No Closing Cost Loans
The ARC Loan is an amazing mortgage product, taking away any need for you to waste thousands of dollars on numerous refinances and start-over amortization setbacks. Watch the video and then you decide!

One of the prime determining factors in buying a home is your credit score.

 Do you know yours?

 I highly recommend Score Watch from myFICO.

 My wife and I use it to monitor our credit scores.

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Many people dream of owning a home but don't think it's possible because they lack the resources for a down payment and closing costs. Down Payment Assistance was designed to give more people the opportunity to buy a home by providing access to funds to purchase now, rather than having to wait.

Please click on the topics on the top left for various alternatives for your down payment.

After reviewing the information available, please fill out our basic Information Request Form below for additional help.

Thank you...

Mark Brekhus
Mortgage Planner


Get your FICO Score with Score Watch® today! Click here!

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